Lochnane Ranch

Address49th Ave. and Carr St., Arvada, 80002
QuadArvada, 1965 (1980)
SectionS15, T3S, R69W
Elevationc. 5323
SourceArvada Historical Society,"More Than Gold," p.33; Interview, Bessie Black High, great-granddaughter, 1975; "Sons of Colorado," Vol.II, No. 2. p, 24; "Mark and Brand Record Book," Number 16, Jefferson County Records, p.111.
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HistorySarah Lochnane came from the French Quarter of the Louisiana Territory to Idaho Springs, Kansas Territory in 1860. She was a widow with two children who joined a wagon train to the West. In 1863 she pre-empted 120 acres and built a house. Sarah had a cattle ranch and ran cattle to Golden Gate Canyon during the summer. Her gun was used several times as a protection against cattle rustlers. She was one of the first to use a brand for cattle in this area, "SL" within a circle and a backward "J" as a horse brand. She not only raised her two children, but also raised her granddaughter, Lola Montez Adams. Lola became a midwife and assisted pioneer Dr. E.L. Foster in Arvada for many years. The Lochnane house was destroyed when I-70 was built.