Lookout Mountain Funicular

Addressa rail track from 6200 alititude at the water tanks west of Golden, rising southwest 7320 altitude east of Buffalo Bills Grave;Unincorporated Jeffco, Golden Postal Zip Code 80401
QuadMorrison, 1994
SectionS4, T4S, R70W
Elevation6200 to 7320
SourceHistorically Jeffco, Winter 1991, by Dan Abbott;From Scratch, Jefferson Historical Commission, 1985 by Frances Rizzary;Rocky Mountain News features, US Department of Interiors Geological Survey Map,City and Mountain Views( April and June 1997), Mount Vernon Past to Present by Carole Lomond
OtherWindy Saddle Park, Lariat Trail,Lookout Mountain
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Latestdate1999-04-12 00:00:00-06
HistoryThe first Funicular proposal to rise from Golden to Lookout Mountain was in 1890 as part of the resort and residential housing development,"City on the Hill" (see the Lariat Trail). The idea was again proposed in 1898 and again in 1904. It finally realized in 1912 by real estate developer Rees C. Vidler. It was the first electrically operated funicular railroad built west of the Mississippi River. One car rose while another came down, passing on the two tracks. The cars each had a capacity for one hundred passengers and the trip about twenty minutes. In 1919, Lookout Mountain Development Company Land was sold for taxes and the funicular never operated again. A Denver wrecking business slid the rail ties down from Lookout Mountain in 1930, leaving a construction scar still visible today.