Mandalay Middle School, Jefferson County Schools

Address9651 Pierce St., Westminster 80021
QuadArvada, 1965 (1980)
SectionS14, T2S, R69W
Elevationc. 5390
SourceInterview, Kathy Tully, Jefferson County School, Property Managment, 1997; "Denver Post," 'Neighbors Section.', April 3, 1985.
Initialdate1997-11-01 00:00:00-07
Latestdate2012-12-03 00:00:00-07
HistoryMandalay Middle School opened in 1984 as Mandalay Junior High on a year round schedule with 1,200 students. It was reorganized into Mandalay Middle School, grades 7th and 8th, in 1990. Its current enrollment is 970 students. The School Names Committee, Lloyd Gorrell, Ruth Stockton, and Virginia Weigand, named Mandalay Junior High School in 1983. Since then, these area schools are called Middle Schools.