Martin Marietta Aerospace

QuadKassler, 1965 (1985)
SourceMartin Marietta Denver Aerospace 30 Years of Progess, July 1986.
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HistoryThe entrance to Martin Marietta is located at the southern end of State Highway 75. In 1955 the site was selected for the facility to build the Titan Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (Titan I). Other projects produced at the Waterton facility include: Titan II - Manned space flights (Mercury and Gemini programs) Titan III - Transtage to move satellites to different orbits Dyna-Soar Project - winged reusable space vehicle Skylab - space station Viking - Mars lander Lunar Drill - to obtain samples from the moon Voyagers - to Jupiter/Saturn and beyond External Shuttle Tank Design - built in Michoud, Louisiana M.M.U. - manned maneuvering unit - allows astronaut to fly outside shuttle