Mount Vernon Club Place

Address24933 Club House circle, at the northern center of a 1200 acre development of 100 homes, hiking trails, tennis courts, swimming pool, and a Club House; Unincorporated JeffCo, Golden Postal Zip Code 80401
QuadEvergreen, 1994
SectionS12, T4S, R71W
Source"Mt. Vernon Country Club, Then & Now" by Georgina Brown, City and Mountain Views (OCT 1994), Mt. Vernon Canyon Past to Present by Carole Lomond.
OtherMount Vernon Country Club, Mount Vernon Metropolitan District
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HistoryIn 1992, Intermountain Realty Company of Denver recorded 600-acre lots measuring 25 feet by 125 feet, a 9-hole golf course, and 100 acres of "open space." The first "members" built summer cabins and adopted covenants to protect wildlife, native plants, and hiking trails near and within the development. "Do Not Pick the Flowers" sings were conspicuously placed everywhere. Two miles of pipeline were laid, and seven miles of roads were cut. Native stone was the primary construction for the $60,000 club house. There were two kinds of memberships available, both costing $120: "residential" and "associate." "Residential" families spent the summer at their cabins, enjoying summer recreation, and ate most meals at the clubhouse. Mount Vernon Country Club became non-profit corporation in 1926. The annual fee funded club operations, maintained a water supply, and roads. By 1939, the golf course became "open space" and all unsold lots were conveyed to the corporation which acted as a homeowners association. By 1941, 71 cabins had been built, and 26 families lived there year round. After World War II, the housing boom hit Mt. Vernon Canyon, and in 1956 the board established a maximum of 100 homes could be built. More land was purchased to total 1200 acres of permanent "open space." Many additions to the clubhouse has helped ti become a popular wedding reception, luncheon, dinner dance, special event, center. The swimming pool and tennis courts were added during the 1960s. More water rights, new water mains, and a fire hydrant system were installed in the 1980s. A metropolitan district was formed in 1992 to provide quasi-city services to residences and the club operation. There are approximately 3500 non-resident members, 700 members in the mountain area, and 100 families who live within the district boundaries. Mt. Vernon residents are ardent environmentalists committed the the preservation of Clear Creek Canyon. In 1996, they voted to release development rights of 340 "open space" acres to the Clear Creek Land Conservancy to allow a public easement through to JeffCo Open Space "Dekker" property.