Niwot County

AddressBergen Park
QuadEvergreen, 1965 (1979); Conifer, 1965 (1979)
SectionT4S, T5S, T6S, R70W, R71W
ElevationC. 7000-9000
SourceSternberg, "Evergreen Our Mountain Community"; Hamilton, "Our Memories of Bergen Park".
OtherNi-Wot County, Spruce Park County.
Initialdate1992-03-23 00:00:00-07
Latestdate1995-03-17 00:00:00-07
HistoryEmbracing a large portion of the mountain area of present Jefferson County, Niwot County was rather short lived. It was formed by Thomas Bergen and citizens of the districts of Bergen, Junction (the Conifer area) and Mount Vernon in 1860, rejecting the new Jefferson County and seceding from the Provisional Government, declaring their independence from all but the United States government. Name is of an Arapahoe chief named Niwot, translated into English means "Left Hand."