Oak Street

AddressA north-south street in the Fremont area in Arvada between W. 64th Ave. and W. 72nd Ave.
QuadArvada, 1965 (1994)
Source"Portrait and Biographical Record, Denver and Vicinity," pp. 849-850; "Waters of Gold," pp. 25-26; Goodstein, "Denver Streets," p. 77.
OtherDavis Lane
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HistoryPrior to the revision of Jefferson County street names in 1949, this street was named Davis Lane for Harpin Davis, who built the first house on the lane. The Davis family moved west of Arvada in 1864 and homesteaded 160 acres. Harpin was a successful rancher and farmer. Later, some of the land was donated for a roadway called Davis Lane. In 1949 the Jefferson County Zoning Board changed the 10800 block west of Sheridan Boulevard to Oak Street. Oak Street was named for several Burr Oak trees in the area and is in the first double alphabet listing through Arvada.