Oberon Lake #1 and #2

AddressN. of Oberon Rd., E. of Kipling St., Arvada
QuadArvada, 1957 (1965)
SectionS3, T3S, R69W
SourceDenver District Court Division II Proceedings, #60052, May 13, 1936; Interview, Dick White, March 1990; Arvada Historical Society Archives; State Engineer's "Water Rights Report," p. 384; Gelder, "Map of Denver and Surroundings," 1915.
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HistoryClaimant in 1936 was Oberon Water Company. Construction began January 1, 1887. Its water is obtained from Clear Creek via Farmer's High Line Canal to the Oberon Lateral. Named for the platted subdivision wherein they lie. Oberon Land Company purchased from the Rands. Rand had earlier subdivided an adjoining area below the railroad line and Interurban.