Ord Log House

QuadFort Logan, 1965 (1994)
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SourceLakewood Colorado An Illustrated Biography Patricia Wilcox 1994
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HistoryThe log house in which the Robbins Incubator Company was founded was built before 1906 by Mr. And Mrs. Ralph Ord. The couple had worked at the Peabody Ranch east of Dover Street and north of West Colfax Ave. The John Robbins family later leased the house and land, moving away about 1939. Harry and Catherine Chrisman, who bought the house in 1965, began researching the history of the place. Mrs. Ralph Ord came and talked to the Chrisman's after reading an article about the home in the Denver Post. She said that they transported 16-inch wide logs from the North Park by horse and wagon for the framing of the house. Later, the log exterior was stucco and now has pink siding. During the 1940s the Ord's son, also named Ralph, constructed a fireplace and a staircase leading to the basement. Six rooms, three of them bedrooms were on the ground floor, the rest of the 915 square foot living space divided into living and dining rooms and a kitchen. Two gabled windows upstairs give the appearance of a secondary story, but was never finished. Two porches, one in the front, and one in the rear, give the appearance of it being more spacious than it is. It is now located in the Idlewild subdivision.