Pine Valley Ranch

AddressOff Cty. Rd. 126, between Pine Junction & Pine
QuadPine, 1985
SectionS28, T7S, R71W
SourceInterviews, Local Residents.
Initialdate1992-04-14 00:00:00-06
Latestdate1994-08-11 00:00:00-06
HistoryThe property was bought in 1928 by the Baehr family of Chicago and a large castle-like structure was built for summer living, called "Baehr Den".This was sold in 1960 after the death of the owners, to a group of professional men from Denver. It was used as a retreat and for recreational purposes and sold again in the late 1960s when a large dining room was opened to the public and a conference room modernized . It was renamed Pine Valley Ranch; closed in the late 1970s and sold to the Jefferson County Open Space. It is closed to the public at the present time.