Pleasant Park School

Address22551 Pleasant Park Rd. Conifer 80433
QuadConifer, 1965 (1979)
SectionS29, T6S, R70W
SourceMoynihan and Waters, "Mountain Memories," pp. 149-150.
SeealsoPleasant Park Grange.
Initialdate1994-04-26 00:00:00-06
Latestdate1998-12-01 00:00:00-07
HistoryThe first Pleasant Park School was a half "dug in," half log structure built in one day in the late 1870s and located not far from Highway 88 on Oehlmann Park Road. The present building was built in 1894 by Joe Heubner and the Kuehster families. Into the late 1930s Pleasant Park School was one of the last schools to still have classes in summer months only due to travel distances for children and severe winters. Classes there ceased in 1946 after serving as a schoolhouse for 55 years, but were held again in part of 1954-1955 as overflow from Conifer Junction School. Since 1907, the schoolhouse has been in continuous use by Pleasant Park Grange #156, who took over ownership of the building in 1956. The building's architecture epitomizes the rural schoolhouse in its size, plan, roof shape, materials, and placement of doors and windows. On June 12, 1996, it was placed on the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties, 5JF972.