Riviere des Padoucas

AddressDivides Jefferson and Douglas Counties from 4 mi. S.W. of Cheesman Lake, then flows N.E. to Chatfield Reservoir at the mouth of Deer Creek Canyon
QuadWestcreek, 1956; Littleton, 1965 (1994)
SectionS34, T10S, R71W; S31, T7S, R69W
Elevationc. 550-7200
Source"History of Colorado" by Jerome Smiley
OtherRio de Chato, Riviere la Plat, South Platte River
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HistoryRiviere des Padoucas was a French name given to what is now the South Platte River, encompassing the Platte as a whole. It was named so on French maps of the 1700s showing its sources to be in the Padoucas' country. Its name means "river of the Padoucas." This name was in use until the Mallet expedition renamed the river in 1739.