Rosen Ranch

AddressSummit of Crow Hill, near Conifer
QuadConifer, 1965 (1994)
Source"Colorado Transcript", August 20, 1925
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HistoryThe Rosen Ranch was first established in the early 1850s when Swedish immigrant Peter Rosen, traveling by ox team, arrived here after crossing the plains. His wife became ill at Pueblo, necessitating Rosen to travel northward in search of a livable ranch affording protection from possible Indian attack. At the summit of Crow Hill he surveyed 600 acres of virgin timber with crude, homemade instruments. When the government subsequently surveyed the property they found his measurements to be exactly correct. After Peter's death son John Peter Rosen took over the ranch. A recluse residing alone throughout his life, John kept 100 head of cattle, made his own clothing, ranch outfits, and tools. In 1925 C.F. Oehlmann purchased the ranch from John (then 60 years old), and discovered "crude but practical" jigsaws, treadmills, many varieties of stone and metal tools, and a threshing machine. It is possible Rosen's items may now belong to the Colorado Historical Society or Denver Museum of Natural History.