School District 18

AddressPine & Estabrook (Jefferson and Park counties)
QuadPine, 1965 (1985); Bailey, 1987
Source"History of Jefferson County Colorado" by Ethel Dark; "History of Jefferson County Mountain Schools" by Granzella; "WPA History of Golden"; "Golden Globe" June 21, 1884 and July 2, 1887.
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HistoryThis was a joint school district with Estabrook in Park County until absorbed into the Jefferson County R-1 School District in 1950. Organized prior to 1872. First schoolhouse was built by 1884. This schoolhouse was located on Echo Valley Ranch about 8 miles south of Bailey, and held the name of the ranch. Another schoolhouse was Mendenhall School, about 3 miles south of Echo Valley School. With growth of the Pine area, these were replaced in 1898 with a substantial frame schoolhouse built, and the school district became graded. The schoolhouse itself closed in 1956 due to a lack of students, and still exists today as a private residence. The district had a population of 81 students in 1887.