School District 19

AddressPleasant Park
QuadIndian hills, 1965 (1994)
Source"History of Jefferson County Colorado" by Ethel Dark; "WPA History of Golden"; Jefferson County Grantor/Grantee Records; "Golden Globe" July 2, 1887.
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HistoryOrganized prior to 1872. The original schoolhouse in this district was a half "dug-in" and half log structure built in 1873, located near Highway 88 on Oehlman Park Road. This was replaced by a frame schoolhouse, built by Joe Heubner in 1896 farther west on Highway 88. For many years Pleasant Park was one of the few school districts in Jefferson County to hold sessions in the summer only, due to the long-distance travel needed from children and the severe winters prevalent at 9,000 feet. In 1946 Pleasant Park School ceased to exist due to a lack of students. After revived use as a school in 1953-55, the schoolhouse was taken over in 1956 by Pleasant Park Grande #156, which still uses the building today. The district had a population of 28 students in 1887.