Schwartzwalder Mine

Address8 mi. N. of Golden on the S.W. side of Ralston Creek
QuadRalston Buttes 1965 (1980)
SectionS25, T2S, R71W
Elevation6500 to 7100
SourceDowns, George R. and Allan G. Bird, "The Schwartzwalder Uranium Mine, Jefferson County, Colorado." The Mountain Geologist, v.2, no.4, 1965, p. 183-191. Ayler, Maynard. "Schwartzwalder Uranium Mine Report." Colorado School of Mines, Oct. 18, 1995
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Latestdate1998-06-11 00:00:00-06
HistoryIn 1949, Fred Schwartzwalder discovered secondary uranium minerals and radioactive float while investigating an abandoned copper prospect at the site of the present mine. Schwartzwalder obtained a lease from the property owner, Paul White. Very little work was done until 1951, at which time he obtained a Defense Minerals Exploration Administration loan of $30,000 for developing the property. The ore body was classified as a typical hydrothermal ore deposit with primary pitch blende as the principle ore mineral. The ore was purchased by the Atomic Energy Commission at a price fixed by the government and processed by the Vitro Chemical Corporation in Salt Lake City. In 1985 the property was valued at $13,651,000. In 1956 the property was purchased by Denver-Golden Corporation. Shipments of ore to January 1, 1965, totaled approximately 133,000 tons, 1,700 tons produced by Schwartzwalder. 97% of uranium ore mined on the Front Range came from this mine.