Address93rd Ave., East of Wadsworth Blvd., Semper
QuadArvada, 1950
SectionS23, T2S, R69W
SourceArvada Historical Society, "More Than Gold," pp. 162-164; Hall, "History of Colorado," Vol. 3, p. 511; Interview, Karl Maulis, August 1975.
OtherSemper Post Office
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HistoryA plat for the townsite at Semper was applied for in February 1886, but it never materialized. The settlement consisted of a few houses, a depot, a store, post office and a school. The settlement was named for Charles S. Semper, who was born in England in 1833 and came to Colorado in 1859. He was a printer for the "Rocky Mountain News" and set the type on the first issue of Denver's first daily newspaper on April 23, 1859. He organized and was a charter member of the Denver Typographical Union No. 49, the first in Colorado. Charles Semper died on September 5, 1917, at age 87. He was survived by his niece, Miss Marie McGrath of New York, who had come to care for Mrs. Semper in 1915. The variant name "Sempter" was listed on Geographical Name Information Service Map No. 0546, Federal Status, BGN-1895 (Bureau Geographic Names).