Standley Lake County Park

AddressBetween Independence & Alkire, 88th & 100th Ave., Arvada
QuadArvada 1965 (1980); Golden 1965 (1980)
SectionS2,16,20,21&28 T2S, R69W
Source"Arvada Sentinel," June 18, 1981, April 29, 1982; North Je ffco Files; "Denver Post," March 7, 1984; Interview, Ray Printz, Director of Jefferson County Open Space, Oct. 1993; Interview, Dan Strietelmeier, City of Westminster, Sept. 21, 1993.
OtherFarmers Reservoir & Irrigation Co.
SeealsoStandley Lake High School, Standley Lake Library; Standley Lake.
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Latestdate1994-08-16 00:00:00-06
HistoryOperation for the construction of Standley Lake was begun early in the twentieth century by the Farmers Reservoir and Irrigation Company, (FRICO) and was named for Joseph Standley, the president of the reservoir company. The lake contains 42,734 acre feet of water, and, by 1994, half of the water was owned by FRICO and the other half by the City of Westminster. The surface water rights for recreational purposes are also leased to Westminster, who regulates how the water should be used. When two attempts to designate Standley Lake and the surrounding area as a regional park, 1958, and as a state park, 1978, failed, the Jefferson County Commissioners approved the purchase of 500 acres with Jefferson County Open Space funds for STANDLEY LAKE COUNTY PARK. This acquisition provided eight parcels of land around the southside of the lake to be used for parks and greenbelt areas. In the 1980s, trails around the lake expansion, known as the Standley Lake View Corridor and Standley Lake Library Trail, were developed.