The Glens

AddressNeighborhood between 20th and Colfax
QuadFort Logan 1965(1994)
SectionS34, T3S, R69W
SourceLakewood Colorado An Illustrated Biography by Patricia Wilcox 1994
Initialdate1999-04-26 00:00:00-06
Latestdate2012-12-10 00:00:00-07
HistoryThis land, located between 20th Avenue and Colfax was originally available through a military warrant to Miguela Torres, widow of Sabastian Torres, her allotted property was turned over to a Matthew Cartwright, probably a land speculator. Cartwritght had already sold the 160 acres widow Torres could have claimed before he even had the official papers in hand. Civil War veteran, George Yule paid $500.00 for the acreage in 1865. Yule sold his 160 acres to James (Harvey) Robb for $1,000.000. Robb kept this land for 17 years. Robb sold to George G. Peabody in April 1887, for $17,000.000. A farmer, Peabody owned other land in Lakewood as well as in Littleton. The next two owners had spotty financial records. George Quinby bought 80 acres of the original 160 in 1910, but was almost immediately in trouble due to mortgage defaults, tax problems, and property liens. His holdings were transferred in May 1916 to B.J. Pedergast. This man became delinquent in paying his $200-per year taxes; lawsuits filed over this acreage reached the Colorado Supreme Court where they languished until 1927. By that time Creighton was busily promoting and selling his planned subdivision. Despite the lawsuits, Pendergast's agent already had been making offers to Cyrus Creighton in 1919. The sale of 80 acres for $32,000 was finalized in January 1920.