Tindale Coal Mine

AddressTwo miles north of Golden, near Dry Creek
QuadGolden, 1944
SectionS9, T3S, R70W
SourceWilkins, "Colorado Railroads," pp. 88, 103, 114; Le Massena, "Colorado Mountain Railroads," p. 107; "National Register of Appointment of Postmasters," No. 28, National Archives, Washingto D.C.
OtherTindale Post Office
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HistoryTindale Mine was incorporated in 1891, on the west side of North Table Mountain. This was a small coal mining community. Tindale Post Office operated from 1891-1893, at approximately 72nd Avenue and Quaker Street. Electrically operated cars were replacing steam engines and the Denver Lakewood Golden Railroad Company Power Plant used coal from Tindale. After a flood washed out the railroad tracks, in 1896, the railroad failed financially and was sold in 1904 to the Denver and Inter- Mountain Railway Company.