Two Forks Dam, Proposed

AddressJunction of the S. Platte River and the N. Fork of the S. Platte River, 1 mi. E. of South Platte town site
QuadPlatte Canyon, 1965 (1985)
SectionS25, T7S, R70W
Elevationc. 6400
Source"Trails Illustrated - Topographical Maps".
Initialdate1993-09-15 00:00:00-06
Latestdate1994-08-11 00:00:00-06
HistoryThe dam was to be placed at a junction of the South Platte River and the North Fork of the South Platte River, a mile east of the South Platte community at an altitude of 6400 ft. The area to be flooded extended from north of Deckers, taking in Horse Creek and then south from Deckers through the Wigwam Club property, tapering off to Cheesman Lake. From Deckers northeast, the territory flooded would take in Trumball, Oxyoke, Nighthawk, Twin Cedars, South Platte, Dome Rock, and Foxton, to Ferndale (approximately 5 miles from Buffalo Creek. If the dam had been built, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers predicted: 1. the local bighorn sheep would experience a significant decline and possible elimination , 2. geological landmarks such as EAGLE ROCK,DOME ROCK and the Chutes would be flooded, 3. 21 historic buildings would be flooded, 4. an undetermined number of prehistoric native american sites would be destroyed, 5. 18 to 33 % of the entire estimated population of the endangered Pawnee Montana Skipper would be lost, 6. over 20 miles of Gold Medal and Wild Trout waters would be destroyed. The proposal was not accepted by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1991.