Ward Reservoir No. 1

QuadFort Logan 1965 (1994)
SectionT4s, R69W, S26 E 1/2, S25 W 1/2
Source"76 Centennial Stories of Lakewood," 1976, pp. 29, 30; "Lakewood-Colorado, An Illustrated Biography," 1994
OtherWard Ditch, Ward Reservoir No. 2
Initialdate1994-04-28 00:00:00-06
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HistoryWard Reservoir No. 1 lies on the grounds of Green Gables Country Club. It is sometimes also called Hidden Lake and is fed by Ward Ditch. This and Ward Reservoir No. 2 are named after William Ward, a scientist and scholar, who was born in 1844 in Madros (sic), India, of American parents. During the Civil War, he was taken prisoner when his Union gunboat, the Indianola, was sunk while running the Vicksburg batteries. He next attended Princeton University and went on to the mining school of Columbia University, New York. He edited scientific journals in New York City before moving to the West. Ward first went to Leadville where he was managing a mine in 1879. Four years later he moved to Denver, and during 1889 and 1890, he represented Colorado at the Paris, France Exposition. Ward also spent time at Oxford University, England, where he wrote "The Life of Cato of Utica." Princeton honored him with an honorary Doctor of Science degree.