Webber, Milton J. Home

Address6660 Simms St., Arvada, 80002
QuadGolden, 1965 (1980)
SectionS4, T3S, R69W
Elevationc. 5450
SourceInterview, Doris Swift, Present Owner; Diaries of Milton J . Webber; Webber's Photograph Album of Salt Lake City Homes; Botanic Gardens, "Green Thumb".
OtherBroadview Nursery.
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HistoryMilton J. (Ben) Webber purchased property at 6660 Simms Street for his home and for Broadview Nursery in 1913. The acreage was originally homesteaded in 1869 by John Clark who built a one and one-half story log cabin, and started an apple orchard on the grounds. Ben and Alta Webber were fond of the architecture used in Salt Lake City, Utah. They kept the original hand-hewn log cabin and built a replica of the spacious Thomas Kearns Mansion (603 E.S. Temple Street) around it. The front entrance of Webber's home was surrounded by White Doric Columns with a balcony above. Inside were ornate wood trimmings and the large fireplace of the original cabin was also decorated with Doric Columns on each side. There was a long building northeast of the house which contained a four-room apartment and five garages, one housed Ben Webber's Stanley Steamer.There was also a barn and an area called the "Isle of Safety." This was a beautifully landscaped area surrounded with a wrought-iron fence to protect bystanders when family horses were being led home. This serious arborist introduced many trees, shrubs and flowers not grown in this area, and kept annual diaries to whom each was sold. In 1949 the Colorado Forestry and Horticultural Society, a forerunner of the Denver Botanic Gardens, declared Broadview Nursery a Botanic Preserve, one of three in Colorado. After Mrs. Webber's death, the new owner purchased Baby Doe Tabor's bathroom fixtures from the Windsor Hotel and had them installed in the Webber home.