Wheatridge Sanitation District

Address4900 Marshall Street Wheatridge, CO. 80033
QuadArvada 1965 (1980)
SectionS22,23,24,25,26,27 T3S R69W
SourceInterview, Howard T. Bunger. "A History of the Wheatridge Sanitation District." Ruth C. Muser, Interviewer.
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HistoryIn 1923 Lutheran Sanitarium installed a sewer line on West 38th Avenue from 8300 east to Wadsworth Boulevard, north of Wadsworth to Clear Creek where the untreated sewage was emptied. Wheatridge School District # 8, 7101 West 38th Avenue, installed a connecting line across the fields of the Auger and Slater Properties to intercept the Lutheran line at about 41st Ave. In 1945, the Wheatridge Men's Service Club spearheaded a motivating force to establish a Sanitation District. In 1948 the district was established. The area served is Sheridan Boulevard to Field Drive, 26th Avenue to Clear Creek, approximately. It includes the town of Lakeside but not Mountain View. In 1973, Lutheran Medical Center line went directly to Metro Waste Water for treatment. In 1984, BelAire Sanitation District joined Wheatridge Sanitation District. In the 1990s, the sewage was sent to Metro Waste Water Reclamation for treatment and disposal. The district started with 800 taps. In 1982, there were 10,000 taps.