Shop Talk

We’re going to be trying some new things in the Golden History Museums shops at Golden History Center and Astor House, and we’d appreciate your help.

Every good business takes the time to occasionally reexamine their brand, and museums are no exception. It’s been awhile since our shop brand has been changed, and it’s feeling a little tired. We looked around Golden and found so many great shops along Washington Avenue better equipped than we are to sell all kinds of fun gifts. But what is lacking around town are bookstores.

A "before" shot of the Golden History Center shop.

A “before” shot of the Golden History Center shop.

Our shops will be reborn this spring as quality bookstores featuring the best titles in regional history, geography and general interest, both in fiction and non-fiction. We’ll add activity books and great reading for children. We’ll feature other printed materials like maps, both new and old, art prints, and nostalgic photo reproductions from our fantastic archives. And we’ll choose a few special gifts, carefully curated to connect to our collection and exhibits.

Here’s where I ask for your help. We’d like to give the shop a more evocative name than “Museum Shop” so we invite you to enter our contest. If we choose your shop title for our new name, you’ll win a $25 gift card to spend in our new shops. Send your entry to by February 15 to enter. Good luck!

We hope that you’ll stop by the shop on your way to visit our newest exhibit Calendar Girls and Cowboys: The Art of Selling Coors now on view at the Golden History Center.

–Shelly Bleckley, Visitor Services Coordinator