Spring 2021 Discover Magazine

Spring 2021 DiscoverThe spring 2021 Discover magazine features articles on historic Coors labor disputes, race-based real-estate discrimination, as well as a noted local author.

Specifically, we continue to explore a theme of “Hidden History” and shine a light on several forgotten or lesser known aspects of Golden history. We examine the explosive and controversial Coors labor strikes of 1957 and 1977 that deeply divided the Golden community. We explore the history and legacy of redlining practices in Golden and Jefferson County that prevented non-white owners from purchasing property in the region. And we shed light on the work and legacy of Vine Deloria Jr., author, theologian, and one of the most notable Native American activists of the 20th century.

We also observe the anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, the losses it has wrought on our communities, loved ones, economy, and psyche. But, we also look forward with hope and optimism in 2021 as vaccines are distributed and we emerge from our shells.

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