Summer’s coming, and so is Hands-on History camp

The weather is putting everyone in the mood for summer, and here at Golden History Museums we are getting very excited for this summer’s Hands-on History camp. We will be bringing back Friday afternoon performances for all age groups so our talented campers have a chance to show off for their families.

Hands-on History camp instructors having fun on the job.

There will be some new activities including a dinosaur egg craft and dinosaur dig during the dirty jobs session to give campers a feel for Golden’s prehistoric past. Old Time Tech will include last year’s themes of communication and entertainment and will expand to include music and film technology as well. Campers will get to create their own musical instruments and watch silent movies to inspire their own productions. The older campers will participate in a “Clue” style mystery at the Astor House during On the Town. One of the guests is guilty, and it is up to our super sleuth campers to uncover the culprit.

For any campers returning from last year, don’t worry, your favorite activities will still be here! We look forward to all the old and new faces this summer at the Hands on History camp!