Table Mountain Inn donates Holland House menus

Our friends over at Table Mountain Inn (TMI) recently donated some old Holland House menus and TMI photographs. Apparently they were found and collected there over the years. Prior to opening in 1992, the Table Mountain Inn was home to the Holland House, a hotel famous for food.

Holland House menu

Holland House Sandwich Shop menu, about 1948

Anyhow, I’m still sorting through stuff, but was excited to find what may be the first Holland House Soda Fountain and Sandwich Shop menu from about 1948. I was not aware of their soda fountain, which offered the usual fare like malted milk for a quarter. If you wanted an egg with your malted you could expect to pay another ten cents. Other offerings included limeade, Coca-Cola, bananna splits, and parfaits.

Their list of pies caught my eye too. Five altogether, including apple, cherry, blueberry, lemon, and cocoanut cream. Hungry yet?

 Holland House had a bar, and of course, sold Coors Banquet. Budweiser and Schlitz were available for a premium.  

I especially like some of the statements on the cover such as, We do not tolerate drunkenness or rowdyism. It was a respectable joint. The same rule applies for visiting the musem too.

Got Holland Housue memories or artifacts to share? Let me know.

Mark Dodge, Curator