Thank you for the root cellar roof, Conrad Holmes

Earlier this year, prospective Eagle Scout Conrad Holmes set out on a mission to help our museum.  After some consideration, Conrad decided that rebuilding the Clear Creek History Park root cellar roof was the ideal project for him.  The root cellar was first built when the History Park opened as a way to represent the cellar on Pearce Ranch. In the 1800s, root cellars were commonly used by settlers to provide a dry place to sleep as they built log cabins and then later utilized as a cool place to store root vegetables like carrots and potatoes.

Naturally and over time, the root cellar roof was looking a bit rough and becoming unsafe for people that accidentally stepped on it while passing by.  Once Conrad approached the museum, we were very thankful for his willingness to step in. From the beginning, Conrad spearheaded all the tedious assignments and ensured the projects organization and completion.  Truly, from contacting various City of Golden employees to finding supply donations and volunteers, Conrad did it all. Because of this, we have a beautiful new root cellar roof that is not only more architecturally stable and appealing but also safer for all who pass by. We cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work, Conrad!

–Megan Murphy, Visitor Services and Interpretation Coordinator