The Dinosaur Hunters Musical Comes to Golden History Museums

History and paleontology will come together in music at the Clear Creek History Park on Wednesday, Aug. 3 from 2-3 p.m. A group of students from Yale University will be putting on an hour-long musical titled The Dinosaur Hunters at the Hay Barn at CCHP.
Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, though not the bones found in Morrison, CO.
This performance will explore the story of the disagreements between two of the most famous paleontologists of the late 19th century: O.C. Marsh and E.D. Cope. The connection for us is that Golden resident Arthur Lakes (who discovered Tyrannosaurus Rex bones near Morrison, CO) sent some of the bones that he found to both Marsh and Cope, but ultimately chose to work with Marsh over Cope. This angered the jealous Cope and only exacerbated the tension between the two paleontologists.

This musical is geared toward older children (4th grade and up) and teens. It is educational, but with a big dash of fun thrown in. We hope you are able to join us for the fun on August 3!