Top 10 Artifact Donations for 2011

It’s been another wonderful year at the museum. We have received over forty new artifact donations and made many new friends. In the spirit of year-end lists, here’s my top 10:

10.) A set of original drawing and maps from Magic Mountain Amusement Park in Golden

9.) A collection of 1960s Colorado School of Mines memorabilia from John Ferrell, including his freshman cap, pledge card and a rare copy of The Picker

Henry Oldag, one of Golden's last blacksmiths, made these surprisingly modern candlesticks in 1934.

8.) A pair of hand-forged metal candlesticks by Henry Oldag

7.) Numerous apple-head dolls made by Vina Ramstetter, including her Snow White and the Seven Dwarves series

6.) Phone switch board from the Holland House in Golden

5.) A dresser sold by J.C. Davidson Furniture in Golden

4).  Musical Score for the Golden Overture Celebrating Golden’s 150th Anniversary, composed  by David Ackerman

3.) Sterling silver crumb brush and catcher engraved with the name R. Broad Jr. (one-time Golden mayor and prominent businessman)

2.) A set of butchering tools used by Chuck Herron at Chuck’s Market in Golden (I think the cleaver still has some dried blood on it)

1.) Dr. James Kelly’s personal dosage and symptom book (Dr. Kelly was Golden’s primary medical doctor from about 1870-1900)

Happy Holidays!

With gratitude,

Mark Dodge, Curator