Top ten Golden historical events illustrated

GOLDEN, Colo., Sept. 9, 2016 – Colorado Prohibition and Buffalo Bill Cody’s burial are on the list of important historical happenings included in the Golden History Center’s Epic Events exhibit which will open Sunday, Sept. 18.

“Over the course of days and years, the events of a lifetime tell a story—and the same is true for a community,” says curator Mark Dodge. “Epic Events will explore some key parts of Golden’s story through more than three dozen of these important events.” Each date or year is illustrated with an artifact from the museum’s collection of over 15,000 items.

Pairing dates with artifacts

An Adolph Coors Company milk can from the 1920s helps tell the story of Colorado’s early adoption of Prohibition. Just one year after dumping its entire beer supply into Clear Creek, the brewery adapted by producing malted milk and a “near beer” called Mannah.

Golden’s iconic “Howdy Folks” arch, now listed on the State Register of Historic Properties, was lit during a 1949 ceremony that was broadcast live on Radio KOA. Part of that sign was saved during one of the four renovations and hangs in the exhibit.

Multimedia components

“There’s more to Epic Events than just some stunning and amazing artifacts,” says Dodge. “One of our celebrated authors and historians, Mary Ramstetter, narrates an original video introduction to the exhibit.” Golden Was Born a Handmaiden to the Miners features colorful footage of four of Golden’s historical murals, most notably two by Hal Shelton.

Another viewing station portrays a 1970s industry film on the Jolly Rancher plant, a celebrated company and brand which originated in Golden.

Donkeys were once a common sight in Golden as they were used to transport tourists to the top of Castle Rock. Museum visitors today will get part of that experience in front of a 12-foot-long photo backdrop of Golden. Selfies are encouraged.

Golden History Center is open six days per week from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Admission is $3; kids six and under are free. Visit for more information.

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