Golden High School Yearbooks


Golden High School Yearbooks Now Digitized

Golden High School Yearbooks are digitized and available on the City of Golden’s issuu page! The year 2023 marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of Golden High School (GHS). In honor of this momentous occasion, Golden History Museum & Park partnered with GHS and the GHS Alumni Association to collect as many GHS yearbooks as possible to make them freely available to all.

(A note on accessibility: These PDFs are scanned files from paper originals. As such, they are incompatible with screen readers. If you need help with access, please contact us by email or by calling 303-278-3557.)

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1916-1925 yearbooks

1926-1950 yearbooks

1951-1975 yearbooks

1976-2000 yearbooks

2001-2022 yearbooks

Digitization was made possible with financial support from the Golden Civic Foundation.

Help us Fill in the Gaps of Golden High School Yearbooks

yearbooksAs of August 2023, 90 yearbooks have been digitized. However, we still have some gaps in the collection. The earliest book we have dates to 1916, which is believed to be the first yearbook that GHS ever produced. However, if you believe you have GHS yearbooks that date earlier than 1916, we would be delighted to see them. We are also still missing the following books:

  • 1918-1921
  • 1923-1925
  • 1927-1929
  • 1931-1935
  • 1938
  • 1944

If you have one of the missing yearbooks and are willing to lend it to the Golden History Museum for digitization, please contact our curator, Stephanie Gilmore, at Come to the museum next time you’re in Golden to see the newest exhibit, Old School: Golden High Turns 150.