Coors Brewery

Address12th and Ford Golden, Colorado 80401
QuadGolden, 1965 (1994)
SectionS27, T3S, R70W
SourceNorman, Cathleen,"Golden Old and New," pp.5, 68. Wagenbach, Lorraine and Jo Ann Thistlewood, Golden, the 19th Century," p. 80. Fanning, Mary, "For the Golden Times," p. 48.
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HistoryToday's world's largest single-source brewery, Coors Brewery is a concrete walled plant covering some 3,400 acres. Coors is a major industry for Golden producing over 20 million barrels of "suds" per year, with 300,000 visitors annually. In 1873, Adolph Coors, a German immigrant, started the brewery. In the early 1900s, Coors expanded into ceramics manufacturing that helped it survive during Prohibition. Malt manufacturing also kept the brewery out of financial trouble. Other products sustaining the brewery were malted milk, "near beer", and pottery. Adolph Coors Sr. was orphaned in Germany at 15 years of age. Coors was a miller, bookbinder, and a brewer. He escaped political economic repression to the United Sates as a stowaway. In 1873, friend Jacob Scheiler put forth $2000 in capital and purchased a tannery and entered the brewery business. In 1933, when Prohibition was repealed, only 750 of the 1,568 breweries survived, and Coors was one of them.